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Pinelands Commission

  • Pinelands Commission Appointments

    The Senate must not let these nominations expire again!

  • Make Your Voice Heard: Stop Dangerous Pipeline Spills

    Pipeline opponents call for investigation into pattern of drilling spills

  • Nominations to the Pinelands Commission Start Over

    The first step has been taken. Now it’s up to the Senate.

  • Gov. Murphy Appoints Richard Prickett to Chair the Pinelands Commission

    Governor Murphy appoints new Chair of the Pinelands Commission.

  • Water and Gas Don’t Mix

    Share:This video is part of our Save the Source campaign to protect the Kirkwood-Cohansey aquifer. Learn more at SavetheSource.org.

  • Threats to the Pinelands

    Despite the protections put into place four decades ago, the Pinelands faces numerous threats.

  • The Disappearing Mountain

    Share:There are a number of large hills in the Pine Barrens that some of us locals love to call mountains. Their names vary, from Jemima Mount, to Apple Pie Hill, Devious Mount, the Forked River Mountain, and Mt. Tabour. The chance to step out above the treeline and peer over the vast forests of the […]

  • Water and Gas Don’t Mix in the Pinelands

    The pipeline approvals run contrary to the Pinelands Comprehensive Management Plan and threaten the Kirkwood Cohansey Aquifer.

  • Groundhog Day at the Pinelands Commission

    Share:Today is the 1st monthly meeting of the Pinelands Commission since the Nov. 7th Court decision that sent the SJ Gas Pipeline project back to them – stating that the Commission staff and the Board of Public Utilities had improperly approved the project without taking a full vote of the Commission. IRONICALLY – 3 yrs […]

  • ORV Riders Plot to Destroy Pristine Ponds while Commission Fails to Act

    Share: The PPA was recently alerted to a Facebook post by individuals plotting to cut into and destroy pristine Pinelands ponds with off-road vehicles. We confirmed the authenticity of the post and alerted the appropriate authorities. Notably, the organizer of this activity had come to a recent Pinelands Commission meeting claiming to be a responsible […]

  • Pinelands Commission Releases Damage Report for Wharton State Forest

    Share:The Pinelands Commission has released the first official ORV damage report for a Pinelands area at their monthly meeting on October 14, 2016. Robyn Jenny, a Resource Planner, GIS mapped and confirmed data sets provided by the Pinelands Preservation Alliance, Pinelands Commission Staff, and Pinelands Commissioner Richard Prickett. The data that we provided was painstakingly […]

  • Road Designations for the Pinelands

    The Pinelands Commission needs to designate which forest paths are and are not appropriate for motor vehicle use

  • Pinelands Preservation Alliance Releases Annual State of the Pinelands Report

    Share:On December 15, 2014 the Pinelands Preservation Alliance (PPA) released its 2014 State of the Pinelands Report.  This past year has shown just how crucially the Pinelands depends on the support and will of two key players: the state Pinelands Commission and the governor of the day.  We discuss the South Jersey Gas pipeline issue […]

  • Hope and Worry As Governor Nominates Six for the Pinelands Commission

    Share:by Carleton Montgomery, Executive Director Governor Christie has submitted six nominations for the Pinelands Commission to the state Senate, which must confirm the nominations before they become effective.  The nominees are: Candace McKee Ashmun of Bedminster, who has served on the commission since its creation in 1979 and is the only sitting Commissioner to be […]

  • A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Another Bad Deal for the Environment

    Share:You may have heard about the controversy over building a solar power facility on the former Stafford Township landfill.  Over the past week, the Commissioner of Environmental Protection, the Pinelands Commission, and finally a body called the State House Commission have all signed off on a no-bid deal the township made with Walters Group, the […]

  • Conservation, Regulation…and Uncertainty PART TWO

    Share:The Pinelands Commission implements its threatened and endangered (T&E) plant protection rule as if it were written, “No development shall be carried out by any person unless, in the judgment of the staff, there is a low probability of T&E plant populations occurring on the proposed development site, and, with respect to any T&E plant […]

  • Reform Agenda for the Next Governor

    Share:by Carleton Montgomery, Executive Director With the governor’s race imminent (can you wait for it to end?), a big group of environmental, housing and land use planning nonprofits, including PPA, got together to tell the candidates what they need to do to save the state’s land and water.  We created a policy agenda of high-priority […]

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