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The Pinelands and its People

A project of the Pinelands Preservation Alliance and Hopeworks


Hopeworks  and  Pinelands Preservation Alliance have come together to create this Story of the Pinelands and its People with a focus on current demographics to provide everyone with map-based data about the people who live in the Pinelands.

Demographic information is important because Americans of different ethnic, racial, immigration, and economic backgrounds often experience civic life differently, frequently have differing priorities, and may connect with the natural resources around them in ways that are shaped by their differing situations. Racism, nativism, and wealth bias have certainly shaped the Pinelands landscape of today through patterns in housing, industrial infrastructure, and land preservation. Policymakers must recognize these patterns if they are to adopt equitable policies that benefit all people.

tree in fog

The story map gives you access to many interactive options.  View a swipe map showing the changes in forest coverage between 1900 and 2015, easily zoom in on maps showing preserved land in the Pinelands and see charts showing population change from 1800 to 2019. Examine the demographics of population trends in the Pinelands including African American, Hispanic or Latinx, and the white population.  Rich information about the vulnerability of different groups of people living in the Pinelands can also be examined.

This project is best viewed in its original format as a story map by clicking View the Story Map.

You can view the story map in this preview window but we recommend viewing it in its original format using the button above.

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