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Send us a tip!

Concerned about an issue in your community? Let us know!


Every year, PPA is engaged in many advocacy and legal battles with polluters and irresponsible developers. Many of these cases start with a tip from watchful residents like you. To better anticipate, recognize, and respond to development projects or other detrimental activities occurring in your communities, we need your help! If you are concerned about a development that PPA may want to investigate, please fill out our ‘tip’ form.

Here are some examples of things that people have contacted us about:

  • A resident saw a notice published by their municipality in the local newspaper that proposed the construction of a warehouse in a treasured public park.
  • A resident saw solar panels being installed in an area that they knew was a wetland.
  • A frequent visitor to a property knew of threatened and endangered animal or plant species that are usually found in a location where development has been proposed or other changes have been made.
  • A resident received a piece of certified mail with notice about a neighboring property from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection with a pending permit application (they usually provide 1-2 months for the public to submit any concerns).   
  • Residents have shared their stories of finding illegal trash dumping or encountering illegal off-road vehicle use that was causing damage or was a nuisance to legal uses of public land.

Your tips are submitted directly to our Policy Director, Heidi Yeh; she, or another member of our staff, will endeavor to contact you about your tip within a weeks’ time. You can also contact Heidi directly if you prefer (heidi@pinelandsalliance.org or 609-859-8860 ext. 122); please consult the tip form and try to have as much requested information ready as possible to facilitate an efficient investigation of your concern.

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