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Pinelands History and Culture

The history of the Pinelands is the story of people and the land. The ruins of ghost towns tell the stories of the past, and the thriving towns and villages are a testament to the places and traditions that continue. Legends, lore and landmarks abound in the Pinelands.


The Pinelands & its people

The Pinelands and its People focuses on current demographics and provides map-based data about the people who live in the Pinelands.

tree in fog

History of the Pinelands

Discover the rich history, culture and folklore of the New Jersey Pinelands.

Harrisville Ruins
Ruins of Harrisville, a once thriving industrial village and paper mill.

People and Culture

People have populated the Pine Barrens for thousands of years, producing a rich cultural heritage.

Paul Evans Pedersen Jr.
Piney storyteller and artist Paul Evans Pedersen Jr.

Pinelands Agriculture

Cranberry and blueberry farming have thrived for generations in the Pinelands.

Cranberry harvest in the New Jersey Pinelands.

Jersey Devil and Pine Barrens Folklore

Learn about New Jersey’s most infamous resident and other Pine Barrens tales.

Ghost Towns and Other Unique Places

Harrisville, Pasadena and other places tell the story of once thriving industries in the Pine Barrens.

Ruins of the Brooksbrae Brick Company in Manchester. Source: New York Times

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