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Access Nature and The Nature Conservancy: Nature 101 Films

Be an Insider, Outside!
Knowing the basics can make or break an enjoyable excursion.

April 19, 2024


Nature is for everyone who seeks to enjoy its splendor – that is our motto. Spending time outside offers many physical and mental health benefits. These benefits include stress reduction, social bonding, and exercise. However, knowing how and what to plan for and finding places to enjoy outdoor recreation can seem daunting. There are countless variables to be considered when planning an outdoor adventure, especially when you have mobility or sensory concerns, deafness, or blindness.

At the end of last year, The Nature Conservancy came to Pinelands Preservation Alliance (PPA) and the Access Nature initiative about an opportunity to collaborate on educational and tutorial films they have entitled Nature 101: Be An Insider, Outside!

These videos are geared towards novice outdoor enthusiasts and were created to inform those who may not have experienced outdoor adventures but are interested in doing so, with the proper knowledge and resources to make it a pleasant experience. The video that I helped with deals with accessibility considerations for folks with disabilities. Its premise is to promote the fact that the outdoors are for everyone. We want to build up this concept so that it becomes ingrained in our society’s way of thinking. This new way of thinking will encourage land managers, public officials, and the general public to consider ways to make their sites, amenities, and activities more inclusive for all.   

We hope you will watch and learn about the valuable resources and considerations needed for you to enjoy your outdoor adventures. By going to the PPA YouTube Channel you can access these videos. You can also visit The Nature Conservancy Hiking 101 webpage.

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