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Email Governor Murphy

The New Jersey Pinelands Commission is struggling to protect the Pinelands National Reserve. Actions to stop off-road vehicle abuse and efforts to protect water resources have gone nowhere. There has been no concrete action to address the climate crisis. Vacancies on the Commission play a large role in this. Tell Governor Murphy how important the Pinelands are to you. Urge him to take action and fill vacant seats on the Pinelands Commission.

Stop the SRL pipeline

There have been 13 spills during the construction of New Jersey Natural Gas’ (NJNG) high-pressure gas pipeline, referred to as the SRL. One drilling incident caused the condemnation of a woman’s house. It is past time to put a stop to the destruction. NJNG should not be allowed to continue pipeline construction while the project is being contested in the courts by PPA and others. Tell Acting Commissioner Shawn LaTourette that the Department of Environmental Protection must stop construction of the SRL gas pipeline by New Jersey Natural Gas.

Learn more about the threats faced by the Pinelands National Reserve.

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