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Governor Murphy needs to show us that he is genuinely committed to protecting the Pinelands National Reserve. The April 29th court decision denying the legal challenges to the Southern Reliability Link pipeline is just another decision in a long line of decisions and inaction that threatens the survival of the Pinelands. The Pinelands Commission is the guardian of the rules that protect the Pinelands but it has become a shell of its former self. It is severely weakened and unwilling to defend the Pinelands and enforce the rules that were created 40 years ago. The Governor nominated qualified candidates to serve on the Pinelands Commission more than two years ago. He hasn’t done what it takes to get his nominees confirmed by the State Senate, which has simply ignored them. These seats remain empty, and a number of sitting members show they have no interest in conservation. Take Action Today. This email action is for NJ residents only.

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Stamp, click & tag Governor Murphy

We need to keep the pressure on Governor Murphy to protect the Pinelands National Reserve. During the month of May, join us in our Stamp, Click and Tag campaign to contact Governor Murphy three ways!

STAMP – Soon you’ll receive a letter from us with a postcard you can tear off, attach a stamp and drop in the mail to the Governor.

CLICK – Send the Governor an email by clicking the link above.

TAG – Tag the Governor on social media, with a message to work with the Senators to get his nominees confirmed! Use the hashtag #ProtectThePines, and include your reasons why the Pines should be at the top of his priority list! Contact him on Facebook (@governorphilmurphy), Twitter (@GovMurphy or @PhilMurphyNJ), and Instagram (@govmurphy).

Sample Message for Twitter: @GovMurphy what are you doing to protect the Pinelands? The SRL pipeline decision shows that NJ can’t or won’t #ProtectthePines. Do what it takes for the Pinelands Commission – two years is too long!

Learn more about the threats faced by the Pinelands National Reserve.

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