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Senate Needs to Move on Commission Appointments

The state Pinelands Commission oversees conservation and growth in the Pinelands National Reserve. This 15-member Commission plays a crucial role in its protection.

Governor Murphy nominated five highly qualified individuals to serve on the Pinelands Commission. But nine months have gone by and they have yet to be approved by a vote in the full Senate.

The Governor’s nominees can’t serve until they are approved by the Senate.  Too much time has passed already. 

In January Governor Murphy nominated Theresa Lettman to serve on the Pinelands Commission. In May he nominated Jessica Sanchez, Jennifer Coffey and Robert Jackson as well as nominating Edward Lloyd for reappointment to the Commission.

For example, Theresa Lettman retired from the Pinelands Preservation Alliance after a very successful 26-year career monitoring the actions of the Pinelands Commission and building a grassroots network among the 56 Pinelands municipalities.  Theresa is nominated to fill the seat of Candace McKee Ashmun.  Candy is the last of the original members still serving on the Commission, which was founded forty years ago in 1979.  Ms. Ashmun, who is 95 years old, requested Ms. Lettman as her replacement.  She needs to be appointed as soon as possible!

Email the Senate Judiciary Committee, and ask them to advance the Governor’s nominations through the confirmation process.  Use our Take Action Tool!

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