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What We Do

PPA is the leading voice for protecting the natural and cultural resources of the New Jersey Pinelands.


Mission Statement

To Protect and Preserve the Resources of the New Jersey Pinelands.

The Pinelands Preservation Alliance (PPA) is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to saving the Pinelands of New Jersey. PPA was founded in 1989 to be the leading voice for protecting the natural and historic resources of the New Jersey Pinelands.

carleton montgomery pinelands preservation alliance
PPA Executive Director Carleton Montgomery makes a presentation about the Pinelands Comprehensive Management Plan. © Kevin Sparkman

We believe the Pinelands is one of Earth’s unique treasures. Why? Because within the Pinelands we find 800,000 acres of forest in one of the world’s most densely developed regions, a body of water in the Kirkwood-Cohansey aquifer that remains one of North America’s largest and healthiest surviving aquifers, a community of often rare wildlife and flora under siege in other parts of their natural habitat, and a fascinating history embodied in the Pinelands’ ghost towns, historic villages, farms and people.

PPA advocates for enforcing the Pinelands Protection Act and Comprehensive Management Plan as the best way to protect against sprawl, poorly-designed development and other abuses of land and water.

The Pinelands is a place of refuge for plants and animals, but also a place of physical and spiritual renewal for millions of people, within easy reach of more than one in twenty Americans.

Paddlers explore the Batso River through PPA’s Pinelands Adventures program. ©PPA

Through the Pinelands Protection Act and Comprehensive Management Plan, New Jersey made an extraordinary commitment beginning in 1979 to protecting the Pinelands with the nation’s strongest, most innovative growth management laws.  For all these reasons and more, the Pinelands is worthy of our collective dedication to its protection.

Watchdog for the Pinelands

PPA advocates for enforcing and improving the Pinelands Protection Act and Comprehensive Management Plan as the best way to protect the Pinelands’ unique natural and cultural heritage against sprawl, poorly-designed development and other abuses of land and water. The most important features of these laws are the setting of strict boundaries on development, the sustainable use of the aquifers, the protection of rare species habitats from development, and the creation of approved areas for new development that are compatible with protecting the Pinelands’ natural resources on a regional basis.

PPA supporters advocate for protection of the Pinelands at a recent Pinelands Commission meeting. © Kevin Sparkman

PPA advocates for the consistent and even-handed enforcement of these principles – and for improving the rules that carry out these principles when experience shows those rules need to be reformed in order to succeed.

  • Mobilize individuals and organizations into a strong alliance to preserve the Pinelands.
  • Push for the appointment of conservation-minded individuals to the Pinelands Commission.
  • Influence public agency decisions and activities to assure the preservation of Pinelands resources through strong implementation of the Pinelands Protection Act, the Pinelands Comprehensive Management Plan and other federal and state environmental laws.
  • Promote public understanding and discussion on key Pinelands preservation issues and advocate appropriate solutions.
  • Assist public and private conservation agencies in acquiring ecologically and culturally significant land and development rights.
  • Pursue litigation when necessary to ensure that the mandates of the federal and state statutes are upheld.
  • Develop a broad membership and network of citizens to support the work of the Pinelands Preservation Alliance.
  • Maintain a high-quality professional staff, a body of scientific advisers, and an extensive volunteer network.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the Comprehensive Management Plan and the impact of implementation activities of the Pinelands Commission on the conservation objectives of state and federal Pinelands legislation.
  • Identify, carry out and advocate for the use of scientific research necessary to ensure the protection and preservation of the Pinelands, and disseminate research results to the general public.
  • Propose changes in legislation, regulations, policies and plans that would strengthen the effectiveness of Pinelands preservation.
  • Serve as an information source and coordinating network for individuals and organizations interested in Pinelands preservation issues.

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