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  • Pinelands Jetport and Other Pinelands Dreams

    Free webinar to learn about the proposal to build a supersonic jetport in the Pinelands.

  • Three Former Governors Push for Action

    Sent joint letter to Senate President Stephen Sweeney about Pinelands Commission nominations.

  • Same Pipeline, Different Lawsuit

    PPA filed another appeal of the Pinelands Commission’s failure to reconsider their approval in the ongoing South Jersey Gas pipeline saga.

  • State of Pinelands Report Released

    This report rates how specific actions of state and local government have helped or harmed the Pinelands during 2019. Results are mixed.

  • Happy Anniversary, South Jersey Gas pipeline

    Six years to the day after the first vote on the South Jersey Gas pipeline by the Pinelands Commission, another vote failed to undo its approval.

  • South Jersey Gas: Unfinished Business

    Pinelands Commission fails to take action at November 8th meeting.

  • The Disappearing Mountain

    Share:There are a number of large hills in the Pine Barrens that some of us locals love to call mountains. Their names vary, from Jemima Mount, to Apple Pie Hill, Devious Mount, the Forked River Mountain, and Mt. Tabour. The chance to step out above the treeline and peer over the vast forests of the […]

  • Groundhog Day at the Pinelands Commission

    Share:Today is the 1st monthly meeting of the Pinelands Commission since the Nov. 7th Court decision that sent the SJ Gas Pipeline project back to them – stating that the Commission staff and the Board of Public Utilities had improperly approved the project without taking a full vote of the Commission. IRONICALLY – 3 yrs […]

  • Hope and Worry As Governor Nominates Six for the Pinelands Commission

    Share:by Carleton Montgomery, Executive Director Governor Christie has submitted six nominations for the Pinelands Commission to the state Senate, which must confirm the nominations before they become effective.  The nominees are: Candace McKee Ashmun of Bedminster, who has served on the commission since its creation in 1979 and is the only sitting Commissioner to be […]

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