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State of the Pinelands

PPA’s annual State of the Pinelands Report details the actions of government agencies and elected officials with regard to Pinelands protection.


2024 State of the Pinelands Report

The Pinelands Preservation Alliance presents this annual report in order to sum up the health of the Pinelands preservation efforts by our federal, state and local government agencies. We seek to provide the public and the agencies themselves with a report card that we can all use to move forward and do better in protecting this unique natural treasure.

This annual review of actions or in-actions of the last 12 months is the most comprehensive account of public policy actions that affect the Pinelands National Reserve.

We applied six criteria in assessing each action –namely, whether each action:

  1. upholds the integrity of the Comprehensive Management Plan (CMP);
  2. protects native habitats, for plants and wildlife;
  3. safeguards the quality of Pinelands aquifers and surface waters;
  4. ensures the integrity of the water supply for people and the ecosystem;
  5. enhances the cultural and historic resources of the area; and
  6. advances education about the Pinelands.

Where a government agency followed its rules and took appropriate action we gave the agency a thumbs up. In cases where the agency drifted from its regulatory mandate and took an action that, in our opinion, was detrimental we gave the agency a thumbs down.

Click on the link to read the entire report. This report was released January 18, 2024 and will be mailed to current members of the Pinelands Preservation Alliance.

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