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Off-road Vehicles

  • PPA Stewardship Projects

    Pinelands Preservation Alliance is engaged in numerous land stewardship projects through the Pinelands.

  • Petition to Stop ORV Damage on Our Land

    Stop the destruction and sign the petition to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.

  • ATV Riders Tear up Pinelands – Get Caught

    The bust at Winslow WMA reveals bigger issues with land management by the state of New Jersey.

  • Shooting the Pinelands with Albert Horner


  • Off Road Vehicle Damage

    Illegal off-road vehicle use is causing widespread damage to critical Pinelands habitats.

  • Threats to the Pinelands

    Despite the protections put into place four decades ago, the Pinelands faces numerous threats.

  • New Vision Needed for NJ State Parks

    Leaders are needed to ensure a healthy future for NJ’s public lands.

  • The Disappearing Mountain

    Share:There are a number of large hills in the Pine Barrens that some of us locals love to call mountains. Their names vary, from Jemima Mount, to Apple Pie Hill, Devious Mount, the Forked River Mountain, and Mt. Tabour. The chance to step out above the treeline and peer over the vast forests of the […]

  • Park Police Need Tools to Combat ORV Abuse

    Share: In a recent and revealing video, ORV drivers demonstrate the ineffectiveness of the current approach of management in Wharton State Forest. Because of political pressure on the DEP, the dedicated and heroic Park Police are deprived of the tools they need to succeed in their mission of natural resources protection. NJDEP, in their refusal to designate official […]

  • ORV Riders Plot to Destroy Pristine Ponds while Commission Fails to Act

    Share: The PPA was recently alerted to a Facebook post by individuals plotting to cut into and destroy pristine Pinelands ponds with off-road vehicles. We confirmed the authenticity of the post and alerted the appropriate authorities. Notably, the organizer of this activity had come to a recent Pinelands Commission meeting claiming to be a responsible […]

  • Pinelands Commission Releases Damage Report for Wharton State Forest

    Share:The Pinelands Commission has released the first official ORV damage report for a Pinelands area at their monthly meeting on October 14, 2016. Robyn Jenny, a Resource Planner, GIS mapped and confirmed data sets provided by the Pinelands Preservation Alliance, Pinelands Commission Staff, and Pinelands Commissioner Richard Prickett. The data that we provided was painstakingly […]

  • Fight for the Future of the Pines

    Share:  In the Pinelands National Reserve, we are in the midst of a major cultural challenge. The majority of visitors and residents of the Pines are law abiding, respectful, and conservation-minded, but a small minority has opinions that are counter to the conservation values that we all work so hard to instill. On July 12th, […]

  • Road Designations for the Pinelands

    The Pinelands Commission needs to designate which forest paths are and are not appropriate for motor vehicle use

  • Lenses of Nature

    Share:The lenses through which we view the earth are different for every person. In the Pine Barrens, there are distinct cultural views separating individuals and groups in the debate over land-management. These points of view carry with them all the accumulated baggage of the land-use and property debates that have raged over the centuries. From […]

  • The resiliency of the Pinelands

    Share: Note: This piece by PPA’s Director of Conservation Science, Ryan Rebozo, was originally published as an editorial in the Burlington County Times on March 28, 2016.  It was written to expand further on statements made in WHYY radio report (90.9 FM) broadcast on March 21, 2016 about the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s […]

  • A Renewed Effort

    Share:The NJ DEP has begun to implement a few changes to their enforcement tactics to address off-road vehicle destruction in Wharton State Forest. These new changes include a small increase in fines $250 to $900 if vehicle impoundment is required and designating officers specifically to Wharton State Forest instead of being assigned regionally. However, there […]

  • The Death of a Pine Snake

    Here’s the excerpt for this story.

  • Balancing Use and Protection of Public Lands

    Share:The Pinelands Preservation Alliance supports and promotes the use of our state forests, parks, and fish and wildlife lands if done so in a responsible manner.  We also advocate for the preservation of lands specifically for wildlife and untouched by human disturbance.  Maintaining a balance between the two is always difficult, and we don’t claim […]

  • Protecting Wharton State Forest – A New Plan Takes Shape

    The MAP will make it possible for the State to protect the forest from illegal activities and to repair the public roads within Wharton State Forest.

  • A good start to 2013

    Share:A few may recall, but most likely don’t remember that the passage of state-wide legislation requiring the tagging and registration of off-road vehicles in 2009 contained a last minute provision that prevented the law from being implemented until the state designated one park for ORV riding. Well, the day has come after four years since […]

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