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Gas Pipeline

  • Make Your Voice Heard: Stop Dangerous Pipeline Spills

    Pipeline opponents call for investigation into pattern of drilling spills

  • Happy Anniversary, South Jersey Gas pipeline

    Six years to the day after the first vote on the South Jersey Gas pipeline by the Pinelands Commission, another vote failed to undo its approval.

  • South Jersey Gas Pipeline – Defeated!

    Lessons learned from a six-year battle to defeat this harmful and unnecessary gas pipeline.

  • Water and Gas Don’t Mix

    Share:This video is part of our Save the Source campaign to protect the Kirkwood-Cohansey aquifer. Learn more at SavetheSource.org.

  • Water and Gas Don’t Mix in the Pinelands

    The pipeline approvals run contrary to the Pinelands Comprehensive Management Plan and threaten the Kirkwood Cohansey Aquifer.

  • Original Framers of Pinelands CMP Oppose SJ Gas Pipeline

    Share:Three original framers of the Pinelands Comprehensive Management Plan have written letters to the Commission calling on it to reject the South Jersey Gas pipeline because the route clearly violates the terms and the goals of the CMP’s protections for the Pinelands Forest Area.  Terrence Moore was the founding Executive Director of the Commission, where […]

  • March 14th Rally for the Pines

    Share:   The proponents of land preservation have never given up easily. We need to fight for each victory and each parcel of preserved land and open space. That is why it is so important to take our message to the centers of legislative power and let our legislators know that they need to stand […]

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