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State of the Pinelands

  • State of Pinelands Report Released

    This report rates how specific actions of state and local government have helped or harmed the Pinelands during 2019. Results are mixed.

  • 10th Anniversary State of the Pinelands Report

    Share:We issued our first State of the Pinelands report in 2007. Reviewing this decade of reports, it becomes clear that many important policy problems have continued throughout these years without meaningful action by the Pinelands Commission, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and other responsible agencies. In contrast, during this period we have seen several […]

  • Pinelands Preservation Alliance Releases Annual State of the Pinelands Report

    Share:On December 15, 2014 the Pinelands Preservation Alliance (PPA) released its 2014 State of the Pinelands Report.  This past year has shown just how crucially the Pinelands depends on the support and will of two key players: the state Pinelands Commission and the governor of the day.  We discuss the South Jersey Gas pipeline issue […]

  • Our Annual State of the Pinelands Report

    Share:by Carleton Montgomery, Executive Director The economy and public finance dominated public policy discussions and politics this year, and the environment usually got into the debate only because certain special interests are using the economic crisis to try tearing down environmental protections. This year’s State of the Pinelands Report provides grounds for satisfaction and disappointment, […]

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