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The Pinelands Is for Everyone

Making public open spaces more accessible for individuals with disabilities


Getting outdoors in nature is good for our health and well-being.  Studies have shown that if people feel safe, time in nature can lower blood pressure, reduce stress hormones, and improve mood among many other benefits.

Unfortunately, access to the vast natural areas found in the New Jersey Pinelands can be difficult if not impossible for people with physical or other disabilities. Visiting natural places can often be a logistical nightmare – impossible access and lack of accommodations leave visitors feeling unwanted, unsafe, and uncomfortable. Barriers include a limited number of trails and other adaptive outdoor equipment, poor advertisement, poorly maintained, and a lack of comprehensive and reliable information on the accessible places that do exist

In 2021 PPA launched The Pinelands Is for Everyone project. We are allying with individuals with disabilities, organizations dedicated to the welfare of those with disabilities, and public and private landowning agencies to help overcome these barriers so everyone can enjoy the benefits of time in nature by visiting the parks, forests and preserves which our state and communities have protected.

Learn more about The Pinelands Is for Everyone project and other related initiatives below.

Pinelands is for Everyone Overview

Man in wheelchair viewing a pond
Andie and Nick enjoying the well-maintained Red Trail at Atsion Recreation Area, Wharton State Forest in the NJ Pinelands. Photo credit: PPA.

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Kingsway group listening to Adventures staff during a program at Atstion Red/Blue Trail.

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Experiencing the ADA- accessible Pemberton Lake Trail

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