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Science Rocks the Pinelands

Science Rocks the Pinelands on Wednesdays

August 18, 2020


Introducing Science Rocks the Pinelands!

We can’t protect New Jersey’s Pinelands without science.  Science helps us discover how to protect plants, animals, and other natural resources in the New Jersey Pinelands.  It informs policies that aim to balance human use of the Pinelands with its ecological survival.  We don’t talk about science in the Pinelands much but that is about to change!

Every Wednesday you will get an inside look at science in the Pinelands on all our social media channels.  Share your questions, thoughts, ideas, and observations!  Find past posts easily by using  #sciencerocksthepinelands. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

This week meet our Director of Conservation Science, Dr. Ryan Rebozo.  Next Wednesday Ryan will start telling you about his projects in the field.

Ryan joined PPA as the Director of Conservation Science in January 2015. In his role at PPA, Ryan brings scientific expertise on important ecological and policy matters related to the New Jersey Pinelands while managing PPA’s research and restoration grants.  He also assists PPA in its outreach efforts and advocating before public agencies. 

Ryan is a population ecologist whose research experience includes fire ecology, plant–insect interactions, mycology, and rare plant demography. Ryan also chairs the Partnership for New Jersey Plant Conservation, the Monroe Environmental Commission, is on the Barnegat Bay Science and Technical Advisory Committee, and is the President of the Philadelphia Botanical Club.

Ryan has a bachelor’s degree in Ecology and Natural Resources and a minor in Entomology and Economic Zoology from Rutgers University.  He received his Ph.D. in Environmental Science in 2015 from Drexel University.

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