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Cedar Swamp at Goshen Pond

Cedar Swamp at Goshen Pond

Science Rocks: Stopping the Spread

PPA is working to stop invasive species in their tracks.

September 22, 2020


Invasive species remain a major threat to the native biodiversity of New Jersey. In some parts of the state, entire habitats and understories are dominated by invasive species. The acidic and nutrient-poor conditions of the Pinelands typically limit the establishment of non-native species. We do see invasive species in places where soils have been disturbed in the Pinelands, typically along roadsides. We work to remove invasive species from priority sites.

In July and August, we worked to remove Japanese Stilt Grass from an Atlantic White Cedar Natural Area, Spotted Knapweed from the last natural population of a rare species in New Jersey, and Chinese Bush Clover from an occurrence of a state endangered plant species.

Check out the FoHVOS Statewide Invasive Species Strike Team website. They have the most comprehensive list of invasive species in the state.

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