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Sweet Gum

Liquidambar styraciflua



Large tree that can grow over 60 feet tall. This fast growing tree is very adaptable but is typically found in wet sites with partial shade. Blooms from March to May and turns yellow, red and purple in the fall.

Plant Overview:

Other Common Names:American Sweetgum, Red Gum
Plant Family:Hamamelidaceae
Plant Duration:Perennial
Plant Type:Trees
South Jersey Native Range:South Jersey, Pine Barrens Periphery
Attracts Pollinators and Wildlife:Birds
Bloom Time:March to May
Fruit Timing:Winter
Global and State Rank:S5, G5
Commercially available landscape plant?Yes
Soil Characteristics:
Soil Type:Sandy, Loam, Clay
Soil Moisture:Wet
Soil pH:Slightly Acidic, Acidic
Light Needs:
Opitmal Light:Partial shade
Light Range:Partial Shade
Water Needs of Plant:
Soil Moisture:Wet

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