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Hypericum hypericoides ssp. multicaule

St. Andrew's Cross



A short shrub with lots of branches. Can form a mat. Flowers are a bright yellow with four leaves. Looks like a cross. Leaf width does not change. Found in dry to moist uplands.

Plant Overview:

Plant Family:Clusiaceae
Plant Duration:Perennial
Plant Type:Shrubs/Subshrub
Bloom Time:Early July to early September
Global and State Rank:G5T5, S5
Commercially available landscape plant?No
Soil Characteristics:
Soil Moisture:Dry, Moist
Soil pH:Acidic, Slightly Acidic
Light Needs:
Opitmal Light:Partial shade
Light Range:Partial Shade
Water Needs of Plant:
Soil Moisture:Dry, Moist

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