Virginia Cotton-grass

Eriophorum virginicum



Sedge family member with spikelets that have terminal clusters of tufts of white to tawny hairs. The top of the stem is triangular while the bottom is round. Found in wetlands like bogs.

Plant Overview:

Other Common Names:Tawny Cottongrass
Plant Family:Cyperaceae
Plant Duration:Perennial
Plant Type:Graminoids/Grasses
Bloom Time:Mid July to mid September
Fruit Timing:Mid July to mid September, fruit persists
Global and State Rank:G5, S4S5
Commercially available landscape plant?No
Soil Characteristics:
Soil Type:Sandy
Soil Moisture:Wet
Soil pH:Acidic
Light Needs:
Opitmal Light:Sun
Light Range:Sun
Water Needs of Plant:
Soil Moisture:Wet

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