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Betula nigra

River Birch


Medium height tree of wet soils along stream banks, lakes, swamps and flood plains. Young trees and smaller limbs have reddish brown exfoliating bark. 40 to 70 feet, can reach 90 feet. Yellow fall color. Needs acid soils.

Plant Overview:

Other Common Names:Red Birch, Water Birch
Plant Family:Betulaceae
Plant Type:Trees
Plant Duration:Perennial
Attracts Pollinators and Wildlife:Birds
Bloom Time:February to March
Fruit Timing:Winter
Global and State Rank:G5, S5
Commercially available landscape plant?No
Soil Characteristics:
Soil Type:Clay, Loam, Sandy
Soil Moisture:Wet
Soil pH:Acidic
Light Needs:
Opitmal Light:Partial shade
Light Range:Partial Shade
Water Needs of Plant:
Soil Moisture:Wet

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