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Memorial and Tribute Bench Program

Honor a loved one with a memorial or tribute bench.


Pinelands Preservation Alliance has a limited number of opportunities available for named memorial or tribute benches, picnic tables, and seating areas. These can be a meaningful way to recognize a loved one, honor a special person or memorialize a significant event. Donations to memorial and tribute benches are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Bench Locations

Benches are placed in scenic locations on trails, at the Visitor Center, alongside the meadow, on the Rancocas Creek Farm or around the Bishop Farmstead’s native gardens. Locations are based on placement opportunities identified in PPA’s Bench Program records. Appropriate sites are offered to prospective donors on a first come first served basis with final selection at the discretion of the Executive Director.

Memorial bench in the gardens at the Pinelands Preservation Alliance.
Bench Purchases and Renewals

Benches are made of sustainably grown plantation teakwood. Benches can be placed within PPA’s property with a $1,500 donation. Each bench is guaranteed to last 10 years and includes an etched brass plaque. After the 10th year, the bench donor will be contacted and given an opportunity to replace their bench or have their plaque returned.   

Bench Plaques

Each bench features a weather-resistant brass plaque with black etched lettering. Each plaque can be inscribed with up to 4 lines. Each line can be up to 45 characters in length.  Larger character lines of 25 can also be chosen with 3 lines or less.  All copy must be approved by the Executive Director.  Below is an example:

Color is for reference only. Not exact representation of final product, color or material.

A personal line can recall fond memories of an honoree. Examples include: “A cherished aunt who loved a walk in the woods”; “A beloved brother and avid birder”, or a line of poetry.


Benches are made of sustainable plantation grown teakwood. Brass plaques are weather resistant, 2”x 9” x 1/16”, have black etching, and are affixed with brass wood screws at each end.


To learn more about PPA’s Memorial and Tribute Bench Program, please call Director of Philanthropy, Kellie Westervelt at 609-859-8860, ext. 124 or email kellie@pinelandsalliance.org.

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