Stormwater, in the form of rainfall runoff and ice and snow melt water, is a natural resource that is integral to the earth’s water cycle. In developed areas, however, excessive stormwater runoff can lead to localized flooding and water pollution in many communities.

The Pinelands Commission’s stormwater management regulations provide good protection for people, property, and the environment, but unfortunately, these rules are still not preventing runoff pollution from directly or indirectly entering our waterways, especially in areas that were developed before today’s stormwater management techniques were adopted. Water quality continues to decline in some areas, and localized flooding persists in some communities.

Every municipality has the option to go above and beyond what is required by state Department of Environmental Protection and/or Pinelands Commission regulations in order to expand, facilitate, and incentivize the use of green stormwater infrastructure to minimize pollution and better protect water supplies.

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