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Join the Pinelands Preservation Alliance for our annual Green Trading Post where you can make a difference with your holiday dollars.


Shop Local and Shop Green

Date: Saturday, December 11th from 12 noon to 4:00 pm
Location: PPA Headquarters, 17 Pemberton Road, Southampton, NJ 08088

Holiday bazaar featuring nonprofit organizations, local artists, and local authors. Use your “greens” for good this holiday season! Held on both floors of our renovated dairy barn.

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2021 Exhibitors:

Pinelands Preservation Alliance 
Browse our large collection of books about Pinelands history, ecology and culture, and movies about the region. We have t-shirts, hats, and hoodies adorned with our logo. Pick up trail maps from state parks and forests. Purchase our Pinelands Adventures Map for $5. This full-color map of the roads, rivers, forests and historic sites of the Pinelands National Reserve is the only one of its kind! Plan your next adventure to one of the 14 Gateway Sites described on the backside of the map. Unfolded it measures 36″ by 28″ and is printed on rip-resistant paper. We also have local honey, native seed packets, handmade note cards and books for children.

Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge
Hats, hoodies and tee shirts, stickers, earrings, ornaments, children’s books and learning tools and more! Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge is a 171-acre non-profit wildlife refuge, wildlife rehabilitation hospital and nature center on the edge of the New Jersey Pinelands.  Cedar Run includes the Woodford Nature Center, a Wildlife Housing Area with nearly 60 native residents, and a Wildlife Rehabilitation Hospital that sees more than 6,000 wild animals each year. The overall mission of Cedar Run is to serve as a community resource on the importance of protecting and enhancing healthy ecosystems for all. Their Nature Center and hiking trails are open to the public 7 days a week!

Pinelands Folk Music & Basketry
Handmade baskets, mountain dulcimers, and candles. Plus basket-making demonstrations by Steven Carty and Mary Carty.

Paul Evans Pedersen Jr.’s Pine Barrens Diamonds
Pine Barrens Diamonds by Paul Evans Pedersen Jr. These unique, handcrafted pieces come from deep within the Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey featuring “Pine Barrens Diamonds”(TM). They are cut, shaped, and expertly polished pieces of early 19th Century glass that were abandoned from several world-famous glassworks, including the Crowleytown Works, Isabella Works, The Tansboro Works, The Coffin, and Hay Works, The Bulltown Works, and other old glass manufacturers from yesteryear. Learn more here. Paul will also have copies of his book New Tales from Old Haunts: The Legendary Pine Barrens.

Pine Barrens Post
What began as a land-sharing endeavor in 2018, slowly grew into a thriving mini-homestead nurtured by owners Lauren and Rob. All items feature their philosophy of balance—a blend of old time-tested techniques with modern efficiencies, and of sustainability and passion for the Pines. Handmade, homegrown, or foraged in the Pine Barrens, offerings include small batch honey infusions, herbals, dried florals, hiking sticks, beeswax products, and beeswax candles.  “Made with a Piece of the Pines”, Pine Barrens Post can be found at and on Instagram @pinebarrenspost 

Rancocas Creek Farm
Rancocas Creek Farm (RCF) is a chemical-free farm established on 72-acres of land donated to the Pinelands Preservation Alliance in 2019.  Learn more about the farm and purchase a share to the CSA for the 2022 farm season. As a CSA member, you receive a weekly distribution for 20 weeks starting in June.  Your share will include things like lettuce, sweet potatoes, beets, carrots, garlic, cucumbers, tomatoes, melons, onions, squash, and beans. And you’ll get some perhaps lesser-known crops like okra, bok choy, winter radish, collard greens and leeks. And lots of flowers and herbs! For a complete list visit

Pinelands Adventures
Pinelands Adventures gear including hats, shirts, dry bags, hoodies, and more! Or surprise someone you love with a gift certificate for an adventure in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Learn more about Pinelands Adventures gift certificates.

Whitesbog Preservation Trust
Nature-themed gifts and jams, chocolates and honey. This nonprofit works to preserve the buildings and history of Whitesbog Village located in Brendan Byrne State Forest. They offer amazing educational programs.

James Still Historic Site and Education Center
Shop for books and educational material about Dr. James Still “The Black Doctor of the Pines”.  Learn more about the incredible life of Dr. Still and his family. From the James Still Historic Site website “Dr. James Still was born in 1812 in Indian Mills, New Jersey to Levin and Charity Still (originally Levin and Sidney Steel), two former enslaved Africans from the state of Maryland. . . He received only 3 months of formal education. . . Born into poverty and mostly self-educated, Dr. Still became one of the wealthiest men in Burlington County of his time. . . Dr. Still was so moved to purchase two books on medical botany on one of his trips to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and began practicing medicine somewhat by accident, agreeing to treat a sick man in exchange for some sassafras. Slowly, he found that he was distilling less and healing more. About 1845, Dr. Still stopped distilling and focused entirely on his medical practice. “

Delaware River Style Decoy Carver – Clarence Fennimore
Born and raised in Bordentown, New Jersey, Clarence Fennimore grew up hunting on the Delaware River and Barnegat Bay. Inspired and influenced by his uncle, decoy maker Harry Fennimore (1886-1970), among others, he grew to love the trappings and traditions of duck hunting. As a result, he began collecting old decoys while still a teenager. He began making decoys in the 1980s and has carved in both the Barnegat Bay and Delaware River school styles. His work is exceptional and incredibly popular with a dedicated legion of collectors.

Harry Silvers’ Shaker Oval Boxes
Superbly crafted in cherry,  maple, and pine. Hand-cut swallowtails, steam-bent on special forms. Fastened with copper tacks and wooden pegs. Original pen and ink sketches are available on lids.  Harry is based in Tabernacle, NJ.

Soapmaking A Mess
Shop locally handcrafted bar soaps made with non-toxic, phthalate-free, paraben-free ingredients.

Featuring these Authors:

Richard Lewis, Photographing the New Jersey Pine Barrens: The Ultimate Photography Guide

The Pine Barrens of New Jersey are a uniquely beautiful natural area covering over 1,000,000 acres in the nation’s most populous state. This is the only book to provide a detailed guide to photographing the Pine Barrens. In this book are the full details to more than 50, easy to get to photogenic locations in the Pine Barrens complete with directions, specific views, recommended equipment, and illustrated with over 120 color photographs. There is also an introduction the contains extensive information on how to photograph this unique area. This book fills a gap in information about the Pine Barrens and provides both photographers and non-photographers places to visit where they can get a true taste of a region like no other, the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Richard Lewis has been a professional and fine art landscape photographer since the 1970’s. While he travels to find unique landscapes, his favorite location is the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Richard is an active photography blogger, lecturer, instructor and conducts workshops in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. His work has been published extensively in print, online and is part of several permanent collections.

William Lewis, New Jersey’s Lost Piney Culture

This book takes a close look at the vibrant Piney culture and industry that is based on the natural landscape. Foraging skills learned from the local Lenapes were passed down through generations of Piney families who gathered many of the same wild floral products that became staples of the Philadelphia and New York dried flower markets. Important figures such as John Richardson have sought to lift the Pineys from rural poverty by recording and marketing their craftsmanship. As the state government sought to preserve the Pine Barrens and develop the region, Piney culture was frequently threatened and stigmatized. Author and advocate William J. Lewis charts the history of the Pineys, what being a Piney means today and their legacy among the beauty of the Pine Barrens.

William will have volume 1 of his coloring book series Piney Everlastings and his bestseller New Jersey’s Lost Piney Culture available for sale with the author’s autograph. He will also have Piney Tribe fan gear; stickers, magnets, and pins. 

Katie Schulze-Bahn, Sugar Sand Road

A young islander named Katie is enjoying life running wild and free among salt air and seagulls until a summer storm turns her world upside down. Forced to move to a forest town in Southern New Jersey, life starts over, but – in a way – it’s just beginning for her. On a warm summer morning, she unexpectedly meets a boy named Will. Their instant friendship is a story of love, loss, and growing up, and all in a very special place called the Pine Barrens.

Greg Vizzi author of The Original People: The Ancient Culture and Wisdom of the Lenni-Lenape People by Chief Quiet Thunder (Narrator 1934-2020) and Greg Vizzi (Author)

Chief Quiet Thunder was a traditional Lenape Indian elder and chief who lived in the state of Delaware. He had inspired thousands of students and adults in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and southern New Jersey for three decades, thrilling them with his authentic presentations and stories. The Original People is a compelling collection of the chief’s childhood memories and a history of his tribe. He describes tribal ceremonies, traditions, and social life before contact with Europeans. The book is a tribute to an esteemed Native American and extols the wisdom of his people who enjoyed a peaceful existence for many thousands of years. It is a story few people know.

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