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Wharton State Forest

  • Critical Public Meeting for Wharton State Forest

    The NJ Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) will hold a virtual public meeting to develop an access and use plan for Wharton State Forest on Tuesday, September 27th at 6:00 pm. Your feedback is critical.

  • The Disappearing Mountain

    Share:There are a number of large hills in the Pine Barrens that some of us locals love to call mountains. Their names vary, from Jemima Mount, to Apple Pie Hill, […]

  • Pinelands Commission Releases Damage Report for Wharton State Forest

    Share:The Pinelands Commission has released the first official ORV damage report for a Pinelands area at their monthly meeting on October 14, 2016. Robyn Jenny, a Resource Planner, GIS mapped […]

  • Managing Our State Forests

    Share:In our last blog post, we covered the ecological role of fire in the Pinelands and the use of prescribed burns as a management technique.  We know that prescribed burns […]

  • Road Designations for the Pinelands

    The Pinelands Commission needs to designate which forest paths are and are not appropriate for motor vehicle use

  • Lenses of Nature

    Share:The lenses through which we view the earth are different for every person. In the Pine Barrens, there are distinct cultural views separating individuals and groups in the debate over […]

  • Protecting Wharton State Forest – A New Plan Takes Shape

    The MAP will make it possible for the State to protect the forest from illegal activities and to repair the public roads within Wharton State Forest.

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