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Habitat Restoration

  • Protecting Critical Dune and Beach Habitat

    Share:The Pinelands Preservation Alliance and Raritan Valley Community College (RVCC) are launching the fifth year of a partnership to protect critical dune habitat along New Jersey’s coast. Grants from the New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium and the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation have made this project possible. Want to learn more about this program? Watch […]

  • Watershed Ambassadors work to Protect Pinelands

    Americorps NJ Watershed Ambassadors play an important role in the on-going stewardship of the Pinelands.

  • Managing Our State Forests

    Share:In our last blog post, we covered the ecological role of fire in the Pinelands and the use of prescribed burns as a management technique.  We know that prescribed burns are not the only management technique used in our forest, so how do we try to replicate natural disturbance events to promote overall ecological integrity […]

  • Progress For Roadside Wildflowers!

    Share:NJDOT and Burlington County have provided a rare opportunity this year for us to see some characteristic Pine Barrens plants on some of the local roadsides. NJDOT has implemented a reduced mowing program along Hwy 70, and Burlington County has left most of Rt. 563 unmowed all season. For many decades, local naturalists and nature […]

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