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  • PPA Stewardship Projects

    Pinelands Preservation Alliance is engaged in numerous land stewardship projects through the Pinelands.

  • South Jersey Gas Pipeline – Defeated!

    Lessons learned from a six-year battle to defeat this harmful and unnecessary gas pipeline.

  • Special Funds to Support Pinelands Protection

    Below are several funds that have been created to help provide financial resources to protect the Pinelands

  • A Message to Governor Murphy

    Share:This video is part of our Save the Source campaign to protect the Kirkwood-Cohansey aquifer. Learn more at SavetheSource.org. It was released in March 2018.

  • Shooting the Pinelands with Albert Horner


  • New Jersey Pinelands: Protecting a National Treasure


  • Join The Pinelands Land Protectors

    The Pinelands Land Protectors are a group of dedicated volunteers organized through the Pinelands Preservation Alliance to protect the wildlife, plant life, habitat, and the public enjoyment of the Pinelands National Reserve.

  • Watershed Ambassadors work to Protect Pinelands

    Americorps NJ Watershed Ambassadors play an important role in the on-going stewardship of the Pinelands.

  • Land Protectors

    Land Protectors are volunteers who plant trees and shrubs, remove illegally dumped debris and install blockades to protect against off-road vehicle abuse.

  • Threats to the Pinelands

    Despite the protections put into place four decades ago, the Pinelands faces numerous threats.

  • Pine Barrens Hall of Fame

    PPA sponsors the Pine Barrens Hall of Fame to honor those individuals who have played a significant role in preserving and protecting the Pinelands.

  • Champions for Pinelands Protection

    PPA is the leading voice for protecting the natural and cultural resources of the New Jersey Pinelands.

  • Support PPA

    Our work to protect the Pinelands is made possible by the financial support of members, donors and private foundations. We received the coveted Four Star rating from Charity Navigator in 2020.

  • New Vision Needed for NJ State Parks

    Leaders are needed to ensure a healthy future for NJ’s public lands.

  • Perception and Preservation

    Share: Of all the battles we wage to protect the Pinelands National Reserve, one of the most important is make the high ecological value of the Pinelands known to the public. All advocates and antagonists of the movement to preserve public lands are engaged in a cultural debate about the intrinsic, scientific, and aesthetic value […]

  • Fight for the Future of the Pines

    Share:  In the Pinelands National Reserve, we are in the midst of a major cultural challenge. The majority of visitors and residents of the Pines are law abiding, respectful, and conservation-minded, but a small minority has opinions that are counter to the conservation values that we all work so hard to instill. On July 12th, […]

  • Grassroots call for more Federal participation in the Pinelands.

    Share:  A recent grass-roots petition calling for the upgrading of the Pinelands National Reserve to National Park status has gained thousands of signatures over the past few weeks.  While the language of the petition needs substantial flushing out, the desire for a higher level of federal participation has merit, especially as the interference of state […]

  • March 14th Rally for the Pines

    Share:   The proponents of land preservation have never given up easily. We need to fight for each victory and each parcel of preserved land and open space. That is why it is so important to take our message to the centers of legislative power and let our legislators know that they need to stand […]

  • A Call to Art

    Share:     In this time of great pressure on our public lands, here in the Pines and elsewhere in the country, there is a need to fuel the ethic of conservation in the public conscience. To this end, there are few pursuits that have helped the cause of species and wild lands conservation more than […]

  • State of the Pinelands: The Year in Review

    Share:It always amazes me that in New Jersey, the most densely populated state in the nation, we have the largest open space on the eastern seaboard between Maine and the Florida Everglades. The 1.1 million-acre Pinelands National Reserve takes up about 22% of the landmass in New Jersey and is a recreational resource for more […]

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