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Andie and Nick enjoying the well-maintained Red Trail at Atsion Recreation Area, Wharton State Forest in the NJ Pinelands. Photo credit: PPA.

Andie and Nick enjoying the well-maintained Red Trail at Atsion Recreation Area, Wharton State Forest in the NJ Pinelands. Photo credit: PPA.

Adventures in Accessibility

I am excited to be working on accessibility issues with the Pinelands Preservation Alliance.

November 16, 2022


I began my adventure at PPA in November of 2022 with the title of Nature and Disability Advocate. Attending Rutgers University, I graduated with a B.A. in American History & Political Science. Overcoming many challenges, I was born with a birth defect, (Spina Bifida) and need the use of leg braces and forearm crutches to get around – but I don’t let that hold me back from accomplishing my goals. I’m a lifelong Southern New Jersey resident. Being an avid outdoorsman – any chance I get, you’ll find me kayaking one of the many rivers in the Pinelands or exploring the countless historic/cultural sites with my dog.

Sean Kane-Holland, Nature and Disability Advocate in front of the Pinelands Preservation Alliance HQ

I have great hopes for what we can accomplish with the new outreach project. I am extremely optimistic that this new “The Pinelands is for Everyone” initiative opens new avenues for New Jersey residents as well as all others with disabilities, who seek to gain enjoyment through outdoor activities within New Jersey’s Pinelands.

This new project will provide a means for those with disabilities to unite and have a voice and be heard. We are looking to bring together a diverse selection of like-minded individuals, non-profit organizations, state and local government, advocacy groups, Veterans groups, and assisted living organizations to form a united front to help bring about change for the betterment of our collective community. This is an opportunity for a section of our community to express what they need, want, and hope for, to make their lives and outdoor recreation more enjoyable through accessibility to the outdoors and the ability to gain a positive mental and physical health experience.

I’m extremely enthusiastic about working for an organization that shares the same goals and commitments as I do – for preserving, restoring, and interpreting natural and historic resources for current and future generations and ensuring everyone in our diverse collective community has a chance to enjoy the magnificence of New Jersey’s great outdoors.

To learn more about this project or get involved email me at sean@pinelandsalliance.org.

Learn more about the Inclusive Healthy Communities Initiative, which helps to make Sean’s role possible, on youtube here. This initiative was funded (or funded in part) by an Inclusive Healthy Communities Grant from the Division of Disability Services, New Jersey Department of Human Services.

3 responses to “Adventures in Accessibility”

  1. Krystyna Szkutnik says:

    Hello Kevin,
    My name is Krystyna, – all my life Nature was a big part of me. I hiked some trails in Europe and a lot of them in this Country but now because of certain situation I am not able anymore to do what I used to do – I am old person and I have limitations as to what I can do but I think I would fit with other people with limitations so I still could enjoy the Nature – always so dear to me.
    Kindly please provide me with more information about the program or where I can find it. Thank You, Krystyna

  2. Gil says:

    So proud of you and your strength and beauty you do make a difference and know you will be a big contribution to this cause. Love you too.

  3. Andie Iannuzzelli says:

    Hi Sean!! Congratulations on your new position with PPA! My name is Andie, and my son Nick and I are in the photo at the top of your inaugural blog. I work for Rowan Integrated Special Needs Center, and take care of adults with intellectual, physical, and developmental disabilities. I am currently recovering from an ankle injury, but when I’m able to get out and about again, I look forward to organizing some trips into the Pinelands for medical students at Rowan’s medical school, so they can use the AccessNature app. I’m also hoping to organize some weekend trips for people at my son’s day program, Kingsway Services, so that he and his friends can come experience the Pinelands with their families.
    I look forward to meeting you in person some day!

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