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Access Nature Forum Inaugural Meeting

The Pinelands Preservation Alliance extends an invitation to you to participate in the recently established Access Nature Forum.

December 13, 2022


Welcome, All! The Pinelands Preservation Alliance (PPA) extends an invitation to you to participate in the recently established Access Nature Forum part of our “The Pinelands is for Everyone” project. We are excited to open new avenues for New Jersey residents and others with disabilities who seek to gain enjoyment through outdoor activities within New Jersey’s Pinelands. This section of our community that struggles with disabilities has been under-represented.

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We want to create a space for productive discourse where creative and engaging minds invested in and working toward inclusiveness and accessibility in the Pinelands can gather. We want to learn from each other, discuss future plans and establish priorities for the advancement of our goal of making the great outdoors more accessible for those with disabilities who want to enjoy the splendor that mother nature offers to our body and soul. This forum is designed to bring together a diverse selection of like-minded individuals, non-profit organizations, state and local government, advocacy groups, Veterans’ groups, and assisted living organizations to form a united front to help bring about change for the betterment of our collective community. This is an opportunity for a section of our community to express what they need, want, and hope for, to make their lives and outdoor recreation more enjoyable through accessibility to the outdoors and the ability to gain a positive mental and physical health experience.

A preview of the AccessNatureNJ.org website that will be reviewed in the meeting.

Meetings for the Access Nature Forum will be held through Zoom. These meetings are intended to initiate a public discussion about accessibility concerns for people with disabilities and are open to the general public, land managers, lawmakers, and other interested parties. Our hope is that these discussions will help guide better policy and planning for ADA accessibility and provide information on ways to accomplish this goal that is available to the general public.

The inaugural zoom meeting on January 11th will provide a tutorial for our AccessNatureNJ.org website. We will show how the mobile website is used, how to personally update information as well to provide feedback on the site. You will have a chance to ask questions, share concerns, and make suggestions for AccessNatureNJ.org.

This meeting will take place via Zoom on January 11th,2023 at 7 pm. The map is a work in progress, and we greatly rely on public participation and activism to accomplish our goals. So please be active during these discussions.

We are dedicated to the concept of preserving, restoring, and interpreting natural and historic resources for current and future generations and believe that everyone in our diverse collective community should be able to enjoy the magnificence of New Jersey’s great outdoors. Through discussion and collaboration, we can achieve this goal. If you would like to view the Access Nature NJ website, you can find it here.

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