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Image of Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge by Dick Gouldey

Image of Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge by Dick Gouldey

Get to Know Your National Parks in NJ

Learning From the National Parks on Inclusion, Equity, & Accessibility

March 27, 2023


Greetings, to all our supporters in the Access Nature Nation! This is a friendly update that the next Access Nature forum will be held on April 12, 2023, at 7:00 pm. It is with great anticipation that I announce the theme and guest speaker of the next Access Nature Forum.

“Get to Know Your Parks” is the next topic for the forum. I will be hosting a guest speaker from the National Parks Service, Jeremy Buzzell; the Branch Chief for the National Park Services Accessibility Management Program. Jeremy will discuss his role, current projects and initiatives, opportunities for networking, information on funding opportunities and resources, and items to focus on for our goals. National Parks in New Jersey include Sandy Hook’s Gateway National Recreation Area, Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, and the Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge.

Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge - Leeds Eco Trail
Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge – Leeds Eco Trail

In the second half of the forum, there will be time to take public questions, concerns, thoughts, and suggestions related to the topic of “Getting to Know Your Parks” and any other related inquiries connected to this initiative. As always, this is a work in progress, and we greatly rely on public participation and activism to accomplish our goals. So please be active!

We are tremendously excited to have you all join us in this public discussion. We hope these forums will provide the public with valuable information about accessibility in nature. We want to provide a space for discussion in order to advance the goal of making New Jersey’s open spaces more accessible for our disabled community. Those interested in joining the conversation can sign-up for the April 12th forum below.

We hope to see you all at this next public discussion!

If you have questions or would like to get connected with the Access Nature initiative, please contact me at sean@pinelandsalliance.org.

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