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Pinelands Plants

  • Plants of the Pine Barrens Ecosystem

    Share:The Pine Barrens is home to many plants that are considered threatened or endangered because of their rarity in the state, the nation or the world. First, some numbers. The Pine Barrens is home to 8 species of gymnosperms (plants like the pine trees that do not produce true flowers), 800 species of flowering plants […]

  • Plants that Thrive in an Aquifer

    Share:This video is part of our Save the Source campaign to protect the Kirkwood-Cohansey aquifer. Learn more at SavetheSource.org.

  • Carnivorous Plants of the Pine Barrens


  • Plants of the Pine Barrens


  • Additional Native Plant Resources

    Explore resources to learn more about Pinelands plants, including native plant nurseries and online sellers.

  • Pinelands Plants Overview

    Learn about the plants of the Pine Barrens and how you can landscape using native plants.

  • Fall Native Plant Sale

    Our fall sale of plants native to the Pinelands and southern New Jersey.

  • Pinelands Plants Course

    Share:This is a joint program of the New Jersey Conservation Foundation and Pinelands Preservation Alliance. Two courses are offered: Special Pinelands Plants Course Advanced and Special Pinelands Plants Course Fundamentals. Both courses are taught by Russell Juelg, New Jersey Conservation Foundation’s land steward and Pine Barrens educator. The Advanced Course is geared for professionals and […]

  • Progress For Roadside Wildflowers!

    Share:NJDOT and Burlington County have provided a rare opportunity this year for us to see some characteristic Pine Barrens plants on some of the local roadsides. NJDOT has implemented a reduced mowing program along Hwy 70, and Burlington County has left most of Rt. 563 unmowed all season. For many decades, local naturalists and nature […]

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