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Fire in the Pines

  • Fire in the Pine Barrens

    Wildfires shaped the Pine Barrens ecosystem for thousands of years.

  • Fire in the Pines

    Wildfire has shaped the Pine Barrens ecosystem for tens of thousands of years.

  • Prescribed Burn Legislation

    A new law provides greater opportunities for prescribed burning for ecological purposes.

  • Managing Our State Forests

    Share:In our last blog post, we covered the ecological role of fire in the Pinelands and the use of prescribed burns as a management technique.  We know that prescribed burns are not the only management technique used in our forest, so how do we try to replicate natural disturbance events to promote overall ecological integrity […]

  • Fire in the Pines

    Share:Fire Gives Life to the Pine Barrens Fire, like water, is an essential component of Pine Barrens ecology. Fire adds nutrients into the soil and creates open habitat essential for many species. For those of us who live within the Pines, we recognize that wildfire can be a risk from time to time and accept that […]

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