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Access Nature Wants You!

Help us change the notion of who enjoys outdoor recreation

August 17, 2023


Hello, Access Nature community. I hope you are enjoying your summer and finding opportunities to get outside.

We need your help.

We want to show the world that everyone can enjoy the joys of nature in New Jersey! We need images, videos and testimonials that show people with disabilities enjoying nature in New Jersey. If you have pictures and experiences that you are willing to share, please let us use them to spread the word. Sharing your photographs helps to “normalize” the idea that access and enjoyment of nature is for everyone.

The images you submit will be a great resource for the Access Nature initiative. These images will be used for communications, initiative updates, and social media posts. The images will also be used to populate The Pinelands Is For Everyone webpage and will be shared with partner organizations so they can improve their communications.

Sharing testimonials is another powerful way you can make a difference. If you share your personal experiences in nature by writing or sharing a video testimonial you will encourage land managers to improve access, and you might encourage other people with a disability to find places they can get out in nature.

You can find accessible nature sites at www.AccessNatureNJ.org. The map currently has 35 sites in Southern and Central New Jersey. If you are aware of sites that are not included in the Access Nature Map please take the time to fill out a site survey found on the AccessNatureNJ.org site and submit it to be added.

If you would like to share photographs or videos for this project, please submit them by emailing me at sean@pinelandsalliance.org or contact me at (609)-859-8860 ext 117.  Please fill out the Photo and Video Release Agreement below, and send it to me when you submit your photos. We need your permission to use your photos for this work.

I hope you have a wonderful summer. I look forward to seeing photos of you and your loved ones enjoying the great outdoors!  

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