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A good start to 2013


A few may recall, but most likely don’t remember that the passage of state-wide legislation requiring the tagging and registration of off-road vehicles in 2009 contained a last minute provision that prevented the law from being implemented until the state designated one park for ORV riding.

Well, the day has come after four years since passage of the legislation.  The opening of the first state-owned off-road vehicle facility in January was a pleasant surprise to environmentalists and ORV enthusiasts alike.

All ORV owners are required to register and tag their vehicles.  The Motor Vehicle Commission will institute the new regulations under the law starting April 1st and charge owners $50 for the registration with an additional $10 going into an ORV fund for new parks.

More information to follow in our May newsletter, but for now enjoy the good news and thanks to all for your help in this significant campaign to establish greater protections for our public lands and private property from off-road vehicle damage.

Click here for information about the new ORV park in Woodbine.

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