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Native Plants

  • New Jersey Endangered and Threatened Plant Protection Act

    New Jersey must pass legislation to protect its rare and endangered plant species or risk losing many of these species in the long run.

  • Balancing Use and Protection of Public Lands

    Share:The Pinelands Preservation Alliance supports and promotes the use of our state forests, parks, and fish and wildlife lands if done so in a responsible manner.  We also advocate for the preservation of lands specifically for wildlife and untouched by human disturbance.  Maintaining a balance between the two is always difficult, and we don’t claim […]

  • Progress For Roadside Wildflowers!

    Share:NJDOT and Burlington County have provided a rare opportunity this year for us to see some characteristic Pine Barrens plants on some of the local roadsides. NJDOT has implemented a reduced mowing program along Hwy 70, and Burlington County has left most of Rt. 563 unmowed all season. For many decades, local naturalists and nature […]

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