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Brendan T. Byrne Fund for the Pinelands


Protecting a Bold Vision – Our Nation’s First National Reserve

The Pinelands is one of Earth’s great natural treasures and a world-class ecosystem. It is a compelling tale of natural history and of a bold vision to save this history. Due to the unprecedented leadership of former Governor Brendan Byrne and many citizens, scientists and political leaders who helped him pass the Pinelands Protection Act in 1979, the Pinelands has the most innovative conservation and growth management laws in the United States. This regional planning system is a model for how a prosperous economy can coexist with a world-class ecosystem.

VIDEO: The Man Who Preserved the Pinelands

Yet, the most difficult times for the Pinelands lie ahead. New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the nation. As population growth and development continue, the pressure to break down Pinelands planning boundaries and open up new land for development will intensify. Once lost to development, Pinelands forests, waters and fields will be lost forever.

As the public’s leading advocate for protecting the Pinelands, the Pinelands Preservation Alliance has established the Brendan T. Byrne Fund for the Pinelands to better address challenges that could undermine the integrity of the Pinelands. This board directed endowment fund will ensure that the Alliance has the resources to expand our work and expand active public support for the Pinelands at this critical juncture.

Governor Byrne, who remained an active advocate for PPA and the Pinelands until his death in 2018, fully endorsed our creation of this fund in his honor.

Contributions to Brendan T. Byrne Fund for the Pinelands enable the Alliance to advance the protection of the Pinelands by:

  • Securing our Future – a strong endowment will provide a financial bedrock to sustain and expand the Alliance’s work through good economic times and bad.
  • Addressing Emerging Issues – our Legal Defense Fund provides resources to quickly and more effectively respond to emerging challenges for those cases where we need to hire expert witnesses and take legal action when required.
  • Expanding the Pinelands Community of Support – we need to communicate with the public to engage people in this cause. Effective communications requires cutting edge approaches using video, social media, traditional print media and community organizing.  The Byrne Fund helps us to engage videographers, designers, and social media experts to carry out innovative communications projects like our Save the Source storytelling campaign.

Funds raised for the Brendan T. Byrne Fund for the Pinelands have already been used to make a difference!

  • We launched our Pinelands Adventures operation in 2015 In order to reach more people with the Pinelands message. Pinelands Adventures has been a resounding success! Since its launch, we have hosted over 20,000 individuals to date.  We have expanded our outdoor recreation and education programs for youth and underserved communities so that this next generation comes to know and love the Pinelands.
  • We completed renovating the beautiful 1932 Louden Barn at our Bishop Farmstead headquarters.  We now have a wonderful venue to host more events, classes and exhibits, and to generate rental income to support PPA’s mission.
  • Funds from the campaign have been used in our efforts to stop the construction of gas pipelines through the restricted areas of the Pinelands and to stop an illegal major development project in Ocean County, by enabling us to hire top-notch experts in the industry who have helped us make the case that these pipelines are unnecessary, dangerous and in violation of Pinelands protection laws.

Thank you to the more than 900 families, individuals and organizations who have supported our Brendan T. Byrne Fund for the Pinelands!

For More Information Please Contact:

Carleton Montgomery, Executive Director at 609-859-8860 ext. 119, carleton@pinelandsalliance.org

Kellie Westervelt, Director of Philanthropy at 609-859-8860 ext. 124,

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