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How You Can Help Protect the Pinelands


Volunteer for PPA

Volunteers are critical to our mission of protecting the New Jersey Pinelands. There are many opportunities to volunteer with the Pinelands Preservation Alliance ranging from office work, groundskeeping to fundraising and more. Have a different idea, a special skill or project? We’d like to hear about it. Learn More >

Volunteers in Wharton 2017
Volunteers take a break during a project in Wharton State Forest.

Pinelands Community Network

Members of the Pinelands Community Network are kept up to date on Pinelands issues, engage with local planners and officials and the Pinelands Commission and advocate for Pinelands protections. You will play a key role in advocating for the protection of the Pinelands National Reserve. Learn more >

PPA supporters make a statement about gas pipelines in the Pinelands.

land protectors

Pinelands Land Protectors engage in on-the-ground work in state forests and parks and on private land by planting trees and shrubs, removing illegally dumped debris, and installing blockades to protect intermittent ponds, dunes, and geological features from widespread off-road vehicle abuse. Learn more >

Pinelands Defenders plant white cedar trees in the forest.

At Home and At Work

Protect of the Pinelands begins at home or work. Water conservation efforts can greatly reduce the stress on the Kirkwood-Cohansey Aquifer, the shallow groundwater supply that supports the Pinelands ecosystem. Learn more >

Galloway Rain Garden
A rain garden at Galloway Township municipal building captures and filters polluted stormwater runoff.

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